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Published: 30th June 2011
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KDJ judged to be the real spots are the subsequent four points:
1. when the K D value coming from less advanced than the value shown on the graph on the K line from the base line via D, shows the existing trend is upward, so the graphics line upwards on the K D line break When is the buy mark.
real time when the K, D 20 the retinue line in the cross-up, this time short term buy signal is more accurate; If the value is less than 50, from bottom to top through two effective models of the D value, the formation of the right greater than the still left ending of the ending
2. K line is to rapidly nail lines - prices ?over the 90 overbought and prices ??below|beneath} 10 is oversold; D line is slower cardinal line - value upon 80 is overbought, oversold emulating values ??at 20; J line is motive mental line, when J is more significant than 100, principally for 5 days, the sourcing of short-term stock price at minimum the mental, and vice versa J value is much less than 0,Low-cost Lacoste Teachers, in particular, for several days, the stock may form at least short-term bottom.
3. deviate by KDJ and stock price campaigns to solve the top and bottom stock value is also quite useful ways: (A) stocks high, while the KD value is not high, for the top away from, should sell; ( B) stock price to fresh lows, while the KD price is not new lows for the MACD, should be purchased; (C) stock price is not high, and KD values ??of a new high, absent from the top,Low cost Lacoste Shoes, should sell off; (D) is not a new low price and KD values ?to new lows, as the MACD will need to purchase; to notice that departure from the top and bottom KDJ resolute, it can only point of the prior wag of high and low in comparison to KD values ?can not bound in contrast.
4. When the K value gradually from the greater value is less than D, K line on the plot demonstrates under the D line from the altitude, shows the current trend is down, so lower in the break up line ashore the chart K D line,Lacoste UK, is the sell semaphore.
real time when the K, D line in excess than 80 cross-down, short-term sell off signal this time is more exactly; If the K value above 50, coming from top to bottom via two consecutive circulars of D values ?under the form right-left head lower than the earliest

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